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Fast and easy to start, No Java or HTML5 overhead, No Browser Freezing, Super-Fast Desktop Application, Fast Hosted Chat System

WEB3000 CHAT is a simple but powerful chat system designed for easy usage and memory and resource gentle operation. The chat system is available as windows desktop software application, as website module for integration into any existing homepage and as virtual world add-on.

WEB3000 CHAT cross connect Desktop Users, Mobile Users, Website Users and Virtual World Users and does not have any JAVA or HTML5 overhead. You will experience a fast and stable application, without having your desktop or browser end up frozen.

You can decide to use the WEB3000 CHAT module as a stand-alone module or in combination with the WEB3000 MAINFRAME.

The module can be used as shoutbox, guestbook, live support chat, blog, etc. because it can hold past messages.

You can submit one chat administrator and one chat moderator. Their messages will appear in a different color.

The message window refreshes automatically every 60 seconds or by manually using the refresh button. The message windows refreshes automatically after every message submission.




  • Connect all users without borders: WEB3000 CHAT is available as stand-alone module, as module for the WEB3000 mainframe, as windows desktop software, as website module and as add-on module for the Virtual Vancouver virtual world

  • High-Speed Desktop Software
    Works on every windows operating system (2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server2003, Server2008)

  • Memory and resource gentle

  • Cross connect Desktop Users, Mobile Users, Website Users and Virtual World Users

  • Hosted chat application, updates without new installations available

  • Easy and intuitive interface

  • Chat can be used also as guestbook, shoutbox, BBS, support livechat, etc.

  • Separate chat screen refresh button

  • If no username is entered, chat user automatically receives guest ID

  • WEB3000 web module - Click here to use it online
    - supports Smartphones and Tablets (e.g. Android Flash, Blackberry Playbook, HTC Hero). Here you find a list of devices that support crocon media website modules using the Adobe® Flash® runtime environment.

  • Based on the latest cutting-edge W3K (WEB3000) technologies.
    Click here to read more about WEB3000.


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WEB3000 (W3K) links

W3K Mainframe
W3K Album Module
W3K Magazine Module
W3K Radio Module
W3K Music Module
W3K Video/TV Module
W3K Add-On's

Latest demo files

W3K CHAT v2.00.020
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Download german version

Available releases

WEB3000 CHAT Windows Desktop Software
WEB3000 CHAT Website Module
WEB3000 CHAT Virtual Vancouver Module

If you already own the WEB3000 mainframe, this module can be integrated

Get your own chat!

Corporate design, your logo, available as desktop software, website module or virtual world add-on. Connect all networks, let your users socialize without borders!

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